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Apr 28, 2022

In this episode, Eric talks with Brett Malinowski about how he grew his YouTube channel to 122 000 subscribers in 90 days, sold out $1.7M in NFTs in 17 minutes, and built a Twitter following of 176 000 subscribers. In our conversation, Brett shares the details of his NFT journey, from first becoming involved with crypto in 2014, to working in film production, to the creation of a hugely successful NFT project. Hear how Brett built the Magic Mushroom Clubhouse Project, the huge profit they made, and why he has reinvested his profits into building NFT projects. Brett explains his passion for NFTs, why he created The NFT Academy, and how his projects are helping businesses leverage the power of NFTs to prepare for Web3. We also discuss why community is much more successful than influencer marketing in the NFT and Web3 space, and the value of platforms like discord for forming valuable networks. To learn more about Web3, NFTs, and how to grow your YouTube channel in a record amount of time, tune in today!


  • [00:20] Today’s topic: He Built His YouTube to 122k Subs in 90 Days, Sold Out $1.7M in NFTs in 17 Minutes, and Built a 176k Twitter Following With Brett Malinowski.
  • [01:00] An overview of Brett’s journey from college to starting the NFT Academy.
  • [02:16] How Brett grew his following from scratch on YouTube.
  • [02:31] How timing, previous experience in the crypto space, and access to video equipment helped his channel become successful very quickly.
  • [03:27] A breakdown of Brett’s production process for his videos.
  • [04:20] Learn about Brett’s Magic Mushroom Clubhouse project.
  • [05:46] The huge profits Brett made and why he reinvested most of it into his Clubhouse project.
  • [07:13] The role of NFTs in Web3 and how investing in NFTs will help build a foundation for your business for Web3. 
  • [08:54] The NFT Academy and why it’s a great educational tool.
  • [10:32] Why community will continue to remain a crucial element of NFTs and Web3.
  • [12:12] The role that timing has played in the growth Brett has seen on social media platforms like Twitter. 
  • [13:55] Brett’s advice on the best PR strategy for brand new projects.
  • [14:00] Why community is much more successful than influencer marketing in the NFT and Web3 space.
  • [18:47] Brett’s approach to compensation for community members and contributors.
  • [21:35] How Brett is balancing his many different projects. 
  • [23:11] A breakdown of the NFT Academy and how it is helping businesses learn about and leverage the power of NFTs.
  • [24:09] The Million Dollar Mint Club and why Brett is excited about it.
  • [25:24] Brett’s recommended resources for learning about NFTs and staying informed of the latest developments.
  • [26:02] Brett’s favorite NFT tools.
  • [26:58] That’s it for today! Don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe!
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