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Nov 24, 2022

In episode #2288, Neil and Eric talk about what Google's step towards first-party advertising means for you. Recent trends in better privacy protection have been a welcome improvement for individuals but have introduced new challenges for advertisers. Tune in as we discuss Google’s latest step toward first-party advertising and how advertisers can adapt to a changing landscape.


  • [00:20] Today’s topic: What Google's Step Towards First-Party Advertising Means For You.
  • [00:25] How the conversation around data privacy has evolved.
  • [00:49] An overview of the new changes that Google has instituted.
  • [01:00] Why Google’s changes will improve your ad quality without compromising anyone’s privacy.
  • [01:12] Learn how machine learning is creating optimized targeting.
  • [01:26] Why big companies like Google and Amazon can provide a roadmap for how to adapt.
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