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Aug 7, 2022

In episode #2180, Neil and Eric talk about why it’s better to share stories of your experiences than to give advice. Whenever you give someone advice you’re taking a risk because you have no way of predicting the outcomes with 100% certainty. Sharing your takeaways from past experiences can be a powerful and effective way of empowering others to make their own decisions. Tune in as we discuss the risks and nuances of giving advice when to unpack your experiences, and more!


  • [00:20] Today’s topic: Why It’s Better To Experience Share Than To Give Advice.
  • [00:34] Why Eric prefers to experience share than give advice.
  • [01:29] The risks of giving advice to someone.
  • [02:22] Examples of instances where giving advice is helpful and why you should add a disclaimer.
  • [03:34] How we approach recommendations on this podcast and why it’s all backed up by reputable data.
  • [04:03] The expression ‘strong view loosely held’ and why it resonates with us.
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